St Hugh’s Project

This project will provide practical and emotional support to people who are experiencing Dementia and their family/carers. This support will remain person centred, on a one to one basis and will strive to ‘be there’ throughout their Dementia journey until we are no longer wanted or needed.

We will aim to ensure people with Dementia still feel a valuable member of society and will provide information to ensure they have a good quality of life and remain independent for as long as possible.

We will work with family or carer’s of people with Dementia to provide information and advice to support what can be a demanding and stressful role at times. This will promote positive healthier relationships and ensure the carer is well informed about their rights and the importance of  living well themselves.

We will network with the local community to challenge stigma, raise awareness and a better understanding of Dementia to promote safer and more Dementia friendly communities.

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