Dementia Friends Sessions

Here at Friendship at Home we have four Dementia Friend Champions who deliver sessions to the general public, organisations, schools/brownies groupds and even our own social clubs.

If you would like to enquire about Dementia Friends or book a session please get in touch with the office on 01472 602500.


Below is few words Liz – one of the Brown Owls – had to say on the sessions that both the Brown Owls and the Brownies received.

‘The Dementia Friends session is a great way of raising the girls awareness of Dementia.The session kept the girls engaged throughout, and they were given the opportunity to ask questions. What it’s like for someonet o live with Dementia was explained to the girls in a very caring manner, and how they could in their own small way be more Dementia friendly.

All of this helped the girls understand how important it is to become part of a more Dementia Friendly Community, anything we can teach the girls and encourage them to do to help others has got to be a good thing!

We received very positive feedback from some parents, who said their daughters had gone home and explained it to them in a very sensible and mature manner. One Mum said how proud she felt of her daughter, and that no one visited the house and got the chance to leave before her daughter told them what everyone should do to help others!

Linda who delivered the session was brilliant, she spoke to the girls in such a way that they took everything in, but she still managed to make the session enjoyable’


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