Friendship at Home’s Oldest Member

Friendship At Home’s Oldest Member

Lucy and Dawn had the pleasure recently of going to meet our oldest member and her befriender of 6 years.

Marion who is 103 years young and Barbara were introduced 6 years ago, and both enjoy card making and have been lifelong members of the Methodist church.

Marion had some amazing memories to share one of her favourites being that on VE day she was in the crowds outside Buckingham Palace chanting with everyone else for the King to appear on the balcony.  During the war Marion lived in London and was on fire watch duties. She said she can remember the incendiary bombs coming down and helping to put them out.

She was born in Leeds and had one sister their father told them that one could be a nurse and one a teacher, Marion became the teacher and yes, her sister did become a nurse.

She met her husband who was a Methodist minister before the war, but they waited until after the end of the war before tying the knot. It was through her husbands work as a Minister that they came to live in the Grimsby area.

Barbara and Marion have also made many happy memories not only card making together but also making cakes and pancakes, going on afternoon trips to the Garden Centre and out for afternoon teas.

Marion and Barbara both tell us that they are very happy to have met each other and enjoy each other’s company.

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