Good News Stories June 2020

🥰L is used to having a befriender visit and is really missing this but understands that as she is in the shielding group this can not happen yet. We have spoken on the phone at least once a week and I have helped with sorting out shopping for her .

During one of our calls she told me that she has been on the list for a wet room to be in place and had not heard anything about this since the lockdown. She has to have bath attendants now as she is unable to pick her legs up to get in the bath. I got in touch with the appropriate service and they have started to help with this situation. They have taken her a bath lift to try but unfortunately this is no help. While they were talking to her it came to light that she is not claiming all the allowances that she could do.

This as now been rectified for her and she is so pleased as this has enabled her to get extra help and equipment that she can use to make life easier for her. She is looking forward to being able to see her befriender again when able but says that all we have done for in getting this extra help as “been a god send”.  She said we always do what we say we will and it makes such a difference knowing someone cares🥰

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